Video production services

Video is the most effective way to communicate your messages and engage with your online audience.

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and globally, video will represent 79% of all internet traffic by 2018. 

Having engaging video content boosts your SEO, generates leads and elevates you above your competition, maximising conversions and keeping customers on your site for longer.

Let us help you produce video content that gets you results, collaborate and get creative doing it. Here are some of the types of content we offer: 

  • Promotional videos - highly targeted 1-2 minute engaging product/service video with a clear call to action - Increase conversion rates and generate lots of sales opportunities

  • About us - what's your story? Let's make an emotional connection between your audience and your brand, encouraging loyalty and trust

  • Customer testimonials - what's more powerful than you telling your audience how good you are, you guessed it, your customers doing it for you, on video! 

  • Explainers – Talk through a complex process in a visually rich, concise video, not a 20 page document which your customers rarely read

  • Internal training – train your staff (consistently across the whole organisation) in multiple locations, about your products, processes, culture and sales funnel

  • Interviews - industry thought leaders or personable bios of key staff members sharing knowledge and expertise

  • Documentary Films - a story that deserves telling, with a strong narrative, deep insight and unique approach shared with the world

  • Culture / Recruitment - What's it like to work here? Why should you join the company? What are our values? All captured in a compelling visual narrative

  • Charity Fundraising appeals - emotional, heartfelt, thought provoking stories to drive awareness, traffic and donations 

  • Video Production Training - part of an internal social or digital team who need to skill up on your production skills? We cover it all - storytelling, shooting, editing and more...